Kids say the darnedest things…

There is no doubt that being a teacher means you have to have a good sense of humor. Partially because something always goes wrong and its better to laugh about it rather than crying about it, partly because kids really are hilarious. I get told 67985744 knock knock jokes a year, some really get me, others I don’t quite follow. But I always laugh. No matter what. But the times that I really laugh, laugh so hard I cry, is when kids say something inappropriate. I always have to scold them but later I will laugh about it with colleagues or family.

A list of times kids have said something inappropriate that made me giggle:

  1. A student called another student “Johnny Dick Balls.”
  2. A student wrote a note on their homework that said “F*** you Ms. Anna from Natalia”. Obviously Natalia didn’t write this note, a student who wanted to get Natalia in trouble wrote this note. But jokes on them because I know every students’ handwriting.
  3. A student was mad at the principal and swiped everything off his desk and shouted “I HOPE YOU NEVER GET A GIRLFRIEND”.
  4. A student asked another teacher if she was nervous to sleep with her husband for the first time. He just meant in the same bed but it was still hilarious.

Yes all of these sayings and notes required conversations about the language we use at school. But they are also all hilarious in their own way. If I don’t find something to laugh about I’ll go insane.

Hoping I’m not the only one who laughs when their kids do/say inappropriate things.

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  1. It’s interesting how one can have two totally different reactions to the same event. For each of those examples I was worried about the student on the receiving end and felt sad for the student who was so upset to blurt out such things. But at the same time I literally laughed out loud at #3. And I have to appreciate the creativity in #1. Humor for sure is key!!!


    1. Yes!!! Such a great point. Because it nearly always happens when they are excited or angry. And #3 was clearly just a misunderstanding. I think we as teachers obviously need to deal with the big feelings of little kids and then laugh about it later when the situation is calmed down.

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  2. Laughter is a hole lot better than tears. I love your examples. I teach students whose first language is not English, and we have had a lot of chuckles over the years. For instance, it is very important for students to learn how to say the word ‘”sheet” correctly with the correct vowel sound. Otherwise, that word tends to get students in trouble. If you wonder what I mean, try saying it with a slightly lower vowel sound. I need a “sheet” of paper can take on a whole new meaning. Keep smiling and laughing!


    1. YESSSS!!! I teach students who on a whole there first language is Spanish. Today I had a student say “Ms. your glasses are ugly” I was really offended until I realized he was trying to say Oakley as in the brand.


  3. In a middle school, I can get away with laughing at more things than when I was in elementary. Well, I laughed but felt I needed to hide it better. One of my favorites was earlier this year a 7th grader got in trouble because he kept saying Ri – DICK – ulous…emphasizing the middle of the word. I thought it was hilarious. The kids kept saying, “What??” as he smiled. You aren’t the only one…


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